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South Boston

As the pandemic worsened, Anna White got to work. The co-president of the South Boston Association of Non-Profits (SBANP) wrote a series of grants that helped to secure critical funding from the City of Boston’s Resiliency Fund. SBANP and its member organizations turned those dollars into direct assistance for individuals and families in dire need of nutritious food and essentials. “A lot of people in the neighborhood were hurting,” she said, noting that D Street in South Boston is home to the city’s wealthiest and most under-resourced households.


Quick to credit SBANP’s Co-President Kathy Lafferty and the board, ABCD staff, and other collaborators, Anna said she’s glad they were in a position to help – and she’s happy to live in South Boston. The Endicott, New York native who moved here with her husband and two-year-old in 2005 says, “People really look out for one another in this community. That’s why I like living here. They see a problem, something they can help with, and they jump in.”

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