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John F. Kennedy FSC

When Charlestown resident Emily Hodge isn’t providing legal advice to her clients, she's working with ABCD’s nominating partner, the John F. Kennedy Family Service Center. Most recently, she helped spearhead a community baby shower to support young parents, particularly mothers in the prenatal and postpartum periods, and to build a broader sense of community among Charlestown residents.   


Supporting others in need is second nature to Emily. As a member of her law firm’s Pro Bono Committee, Emily and her colleagues provide no-cost legal services to people navigating issues such as housing, benefits, and sealing or expunging criminal records. She also volunteers with Boston CASA, which provides guardian ad litem services – a neutral court appointed party to participate  in court proceedings on behalf of a minor.   


In terms of the CHC nomination, Emily credits those who do the work day to day, more than herself. “It is such an honor,” she said. “I feel as though Crystal and Corinne and Lili [at the JFK Center] are the true heroes here -- they are doing this work day in and day out. They are so invested and passionate and committed.”

Emily would “absolutely” encourage others to volunteer. “The Kennedy Center does such incredible work in the Charlestown community - from education, to childcare, to elderly support – they really are reaching so many people with offerings that provide something for everyone.”

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