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East Boston

A pastor, Felix distributes information and health kits, such as COVID PPE, to churches and other Community Action Agencies. 

Felix learned about ABCD over 20 years ago while identifying resources for Hispanic residents in need. He later became a client of the ABCD East Boston APAC where he met then-director, John White, who motivated him to continue serving. Felix assisted John with clients and after a period of time, could help in his absence. He even covered the front desk. According to Felix, “John not only looked at me as a client or volunteer, but as a friend.”

Felix recalls helping ABCD clients who were being displaced find new homes.  He said, “The reward of having these seniors and disabled residents find a new home kept me going.” 

He spends his free time studying the bible and if his health allows, bicycle riding and walking. While honored to be selected as a community hero, Felix said, “I don’t do this looking for glory! My purpose in life is to live a meaningful life. . . [Volunteering] gives you great happiness and you can sleep better.”

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