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Roxbury/North Dorchester

Leandra became involved with ABCD through Hillsong Church Boston, partnering with ABCD’s Roxbury/North Dorchester Neighborhood Opportunity Center. 


She recalls a particular client interaction. “At our first backpack drive, I greeted a family who arrived late due to transportation issues. The youngest child was crying, and I got down on my knees to ask why. She was nervous that they were too late for a backpack.  Learning that her favorite color was blue, I said, ‘Well then you are just in time,’ as we walked to the backpack station and a volunteer handed her a new blue backpack.”


“I loved watching her face light up as we moved from station to station, filling the backpack with supplies. She was so excited to show her siblings the new backpack and to start school. There is nothing that compares to those moments! ABCD will unlock a part of you that you did not know was there.”

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