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Dr. Jehu Leconte, founder and CEO of EDEN, a nonprofit focused on breaking the cycle of homelessness and multigenerational poverty, describes his organization’s partnership with ABCD as “…truly beautiful. Our shared mission goes beyond simply serving; it is about making a lasting impact and going above and beyond to serve others with compassion and dedication.” 


EDEN works mostly with single mothers whose families are unhoused. The work stands on four pillars: workforce development, self-development, wellness, and financial literacy. That translates into career training in a high-paying job, assistance with budgeting and saving money, and assistance with securing permanent housing. 


Dr. Leconte says, “it’s important for us to stay connected with ABCD leaders so that we can work together to identify and address any barriers faced by our community.” He and EDEN are actively involved in ABCD food security initiatives and he plans to volunteer during the upcoming tax season when ABCD, as a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) provider, offers tax preparation to income-eligible residents at no cost. 


Dr. Leconte, who also serves on the ABCD Roslindale neighborhood service center’s advisory board, credits his late mother’s dedication to helping others as his inspiration. “She lived her life with love, grace and forgiveness. I am the man I am today because of her.” Learn more about Dr. Leconte and EDEN at

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