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Sandra McCarthy is the Program Coordinator for the Family Nurturing Center (FNC) Allston/Brighton site which collaborates with ABCD’s Allston/Brighton Neighborhood Opportunity Center (NOC). Through a robust referral program, both organizations help meet the needs of under-resourced individuals and families in the area. 


There are many impactful moments in this line of work, but one in particular stands out for Sandra. “Last winter, I had a client from Peru who had recently arrived in the United States with nothing and nowhere to turn. She was a single mom of four, two of whom have special needs,” Sandra explained. “I reached out to Elaina at ABCD, and together we made sure that for the family’s first holiday season they had winter coats, Stop & Shop gift cards and toys. The joy on her face brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart.”


Of being nominated as an ABCD Community Hero, “I feel honored,” Sandra said. “I’m proud of the work I do at FNC and in collaboration with ABCD. Lending a helping hand to those who are less fortunate is something I learned early on, growing up in a small town in Colombia. We all looked after each other. That’s what community does and is.”

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