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Asian American Civic Association

Kien Lang works for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Technology Services and Security, and volunteers with the Asian American Civic Association (AACA) to train and shadow tax preparers. As a long-time volunteer tax preparer with the Boston Tax Help Coalition, of which ABCD is a founding member, Kien was well prepared for his service with the AACA.


He learned about the AACA in the newspaper. “I am a regular reader of Sampan, the long established bilingual Chinese/English community newspaper, and saw an article about the AACA's Low Income Taxpayer Clinic,” Kien said. “Since I worked with the Boston Tax Help Coalition in Chinatown for many years, I reached out to see how I could contribute.” 


Kien is somewhat a teacher at heart. “I find it satisfying when tax returns are no longer a mysterious black box to clients, he said. “Especially when a tax credit forgotten or neglected by prior tax preparers is found and clients can see the rationale behind the numbers.”


Kien encourages volunteerism. “I know about ABCD’s role in providing services to our community and the reward that meeting the needs of others brings,” he said. “I am really humbled by the Community Hero nomination when so many others are also deserving.”

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