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As I reflect on my first few months as ABCD’s new President and CEO, I am both humbled and inspired.

Bob Coard’s passion and determination built ABCD. His longtime deputy, John Drew, succeeded him, leading ABCD to new accomplishments. I feel deeply honored that the torch has been passed to me, after 23 years here, to lead this incredible organization on the next leg of its journey.

For 60 years, ABCD has provided under-resourced people in the community with a broad range of programs, resources, and tools to overcome severe economic and social barriers. And to thrive.

The past two years have been especially difficult, of course. The coronavirus pandemic hit the neighbors we serve especially hard, and we expanded our outreach to meet the demand of so many families in need of essentials: food, help with rent, access to technology, and so forth.

ABCD could not fulfill our mission without dedicated volunteers and partners; that is no exaggeration. We invite you to join us at this year’s Community Heroes Celebration and become a sponsor, if you can. Philanthropic support allows us to support individuals and families in need and empower them to reach their highest potential.  We appreciate your collaboration, and we look forward to seeing you! 

Sharon Scott-Chandler, Esq.

ABCD President & CEO


Join us as we celebrate 60 years of community action and honor our community heroes — individuals whose exceptional kindness and compassion set them apart! We look forward to welcoming you and more than 500 of the region’s most prominent leaders, partners, donors, supporters, and community members.

 A special tribute:  John J. Drew

Former ABCD President/CEO

Experience a special tribute as John J. Drew, former ABCD President and CEO, is inducted into the ABCD Hall of Fame after 51 years of service and leadership.

NOVEMBER 18, 2022


450 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210

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